Omtec ball transfer systems are so unique
they are patented in 21 of the top industrialized countries in the world!

Pop up ball transfers are only one of the many unique Omtec material handling solutions for workbench, ergonomic scissor lift, machine, production and progressive assembly line applications

Omtec ergonomic transfers make moving, turning and firmly positioning items easier and less strenuous for the worker. Put Omtec’s extensive field experiences to work for you

PPD Pad and Insert Wheel Workbench Top

PPD Pad and Insert Wheel Workbench Top

Move items across a work bench top on Insert Wheels. When in position raise the pads to stabilize the item, while a task is performed on it.

PPD Pad and Insert Wheel Workbench Top

Work bench tops may be any size or shape, made of metal, wood, wood composite, plastic or plastic laminated.

Omtec PPD Pad and Insert Wheel Workbench Tops
Omtec Insert Wheel And Pop-Up Pad Work Bench Tops:
Work bench tops for individual work benches or a series of industrial work benches, in progressive assembly lines where items need to be moved with minimal effort.

Kits are available to convert an existing shop work bench into an ergonomic work bench.

Omtec patented Insert Wheels are ideal for industrial work bench where items need to be moved along a group of workbenches to various assembly workstations.

The Omtec patented Pop Up Pads firmly stabilize the item at each work bench while a task is performed.

Infinnite Omtec patented Pop-Up Pad & Insert Wheel patterns are available on any industrial work bench top to fit virtually any application!

Omtec work tops will fit virtually any workbench, workstations or table application.

PPD Pad and Insert Wheel Workbench Top

Omtec Pop Up Pads raise above the Insert Wheels, to firmly position an item

Omtec patented insert wheels are especially suited for applications where items need to turn corners on work bench tops.

Unlike omnidirectional ball transfer units, Omtec Insert Wheels take less effort to turn corners on work bench tops because they inherently encourage the item to turn and not continue in a straight line.

Ideal for Inspection Stations, Assembly Workstations, Industrial Work Bench, Electronic Work Bench application.

Omtec ergonomic transfers are designed for use on Assembly Lines, Packing Lines, Work Cells, Shipping Lines, Packaging Lines and Production Lines.

It is easy to retro fit existing work benches with Omtec Ergonomic Transfers and/or Pop Up Ball Transfer Table tops.

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