Omtec ball transfer systems are so unique
they are patented in 21 of the top industrialized countries in the world!

Pop up ball transfers are only one of the many unique Omtec material handling solutions for workbench, ergonomic scissor lift, machine, production and progressive assembly line applications

Omtec ergonomic transfers make moving, turning and firmly positioning items easier and less strenuous for the worker. Put Omtec’s extensive field experiences to work for you

Ohm – Stat ™ Workbench WB-5010


(Conforms to the new Class Zero & RoHs requirements)

Stock Laminate Colors

Ohm-Stat™ Workbench



Standard Sizes

  • 24x48
  • 24x60
  • 24x72
  • 24x96
  • 30x48
  • 30x60
  • 30x72
  • 30x96
  • 36x36
  • 36x48
  • 36x60
  • 36x72
  • 36x96

The Constant Monitor Series:

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