Ball Transfer Units and Positioner Pads may be placed on any center lines in conveyor strips.
Ball Transfer and Positioner Pad strips may be used to convert new or existing Roller Conveyor into progressive assembly lines.
Ball Transfers and Pad strips make moving orienting and firmly positioning of items easier and less strenuous for the worker.
3-2 Pop up ball transfer unit assembly line ball transfer table
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Work Cell Ergonomic Transfer Surfaces Using Omtec
PBT Ball Transfers, PPD Positioner Pads and Insert Wheels

Omtec Insert Wheel and PPD Positioner Pad Surfaces
Conveyor Roller Workstation using Pop Up Ball Transfer and PPD Positioner Strips
for production line or assembly line use where items start out as a chassis or frame
and other components are added as it progress down a conveyor line.
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PBT ball transfers and PPD
pad conveyor workstation
PPD positioner pad conveyor workstation
PBT ball transfer table conveyor
line workstation
F1 conveyor table
  Omtec PBT Ball Transfers and PPD Positioner Pad Strips are ideal for creating FLEXIBLE progressive assembly lines or production lines in modular roller conveyor.
A conveyor line workstation organizer can provide all the needed support tools, hardware and lighting required on an assembly line.

Omtec has available; standard or customized
conveyor line accessory shelves for tools and etc.
Strips are modular in design to fit virtually all gravity roller, power roller and industrial roller conveyor line systems.

Use PBT Ball Transfer and PPD Positioner Strips where items need to be oriented, conveniently located and firmly positioned while a task is performed on them.

Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfer and Pop Up Positioner Pad
have No Pinch Points!

Flick a switch... Omtec PBT Ball Transfers raise to move, orient and position items.

Flip switch again... Omtec PPD Positioner Pads raise above the Pop Up Ball Transfers to firmly locate items in a stabile work position.

Items are firmly positioned while a task is
performed on them.

Omtec conveyor accessory shelves may be
any shape or size.
They may be located in the center of the conveyor workstation or to the side of the operator.
If an individual workstation is not needed in a particular days production run, the Omtec patented Pop-Up Ball Transfer and
Pop-Up Pad Strips in the conveyors line can be in their retracted positions. This allows items to continue traveling
uninterrupted on the conveyor roller to next subsequent down line station.

1) Items travel on the conveyor roller to a position over the Omtec patented Pop-Up Ball Transfer and Pop-Up Pad strips.

2) The operator raises the Omtec Pop-Up Ball Transfers above rollers in the conveyor line, allowing for easy orientating and convenient positioning of the item for the required conveyor workstation task

3) The operator then raises the Omtec Pop-Up Pads above the balls transfers and conveyor rollers to firmly locate and hold the item in a stabile position while the required assembly line task is performed.
Retro fit your existing industrial conveyor system with these unique conveyor components. Omtec PPD Positioner pad strips are designed to fit virtually all roller conveyor systems including but not limited to modular conveyors, gravity roller conveyor and industrial conveyor. They can be made to fit most conveyor or conveying equipment.

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